Living by Giving

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image of ollie lindI have been writing on this site for a number of years now and am gratified by the thousands (literally) of responses I have received. So many of them has asked me the origins of my views and have indicated they have, in part, answered the question this site poses with it’s name. HowCanI?

I have spent my life searching for answers and tried and failed many times. Amongst the many failures I have experienced, I found some elements that worked for me and I applied them. Together with an enormous amount of help from the only life long friend I have, Ron Segal, we have put together a set of principles that, although not new, constitute a workable way of approaching this puzzle we all face in life.

Then I examined the turning points of my life and found an amazing truth. At the core of each experience was a lesson that I learnt, sometimes it took me a long time to realize, but the important realization is that our lives are one long lesson and, if we take notice of what is presented to us, we can live a richer, fuller life of real worth.

image of Living by Giving -- Leeson Life Taught Me by Ollie Lind book coverNow, this little book I have written only covers the first sixteen years of my life, and there are many more lessons I have been presented with through my life, I decided enough was enough.

I have tried to be completely honest in my recollections and some of them do me no credit. But one thing I have learnt is it isn’t the mistakes we make or the hurts we have done others that is important. It’s what we do from there to make life better for ourselves and others that is important.

It was quite a confronting experience, but I again learnt from it.

Please share these experiences, and the lessons learned. I offer them, not as a sermon, but a practical assistance.

I went through the pain, you take the benefit.

I hope you enjoy.

Ollie Lind

Here is what other people are saying:

Ollie’s outline to having purpose and achieving the things we want in life was more in depth than anything else I’ve read or heard. I think he has reminded me of some of the things attainable in life. — Luke B

You have the ability to make all of the hard things in life seem so easy to accomplish when you know what you want and how you’re going to achieve it. — Renee S

Very informative, easy to understand and made interesting by Ollie’s great way of explaining in a simple format. — J S

It was brilliant. I will take a lot away from this. — Sarah G

I was shown a very mind opening perspective. I hope I can take it away with me and use it in my life. — L D

I wanted to write to you to say thank you. You have helped me put things into perspective. You have helped me focus and be more efficient.

I now see life in a different way. I now consider all aspects of a situation before I act. I now have more control over my life. I can improve, but things are better.
— Patricia M — Bexley NSW

I am happy to say that I am on the path. I am truly thankful that you have answered the question I had asked. It was as simple as you said it would be.
Thank you, Ollie
— Russell Czinege

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